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Ceremonial Honor Guard: Our Unit trains and provides a Color Guard to present the US flag at Congressional, Coast Guard, and Navy events, and at important ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, on Capitol Hill, and throughout the DC, MD and VA area. We are training a ceremonial Drill Team similar to those available in the US Navy and Coast Guard. Our award-winning Honor Guard receives top-notch training from active-duty Honor Guard members of the Navy and Air Force.


Surface Operations: Prepare members to get underway on Coast Guard, Navy, and other ships and boats, on the ocean and waterways. Our Unit operates aboard a 24-foot power boat and sailboats during the traditional boating season (April to September), performing real-time Search and Rescue, Marine Safety and Security, Environmental and Homeland Security missions.


Special Operations: Provide specially-trained personnel who perform Emergency Medical, Master-at-Arms and Command, Control and Communications duties. Training is also available in Underwater Diving, Land and Water Navigation, Amphibious and Port Operations, and Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) duties.


Public Affairs: Cadets learn to create news and information podcasts; write, edit and publish articles; Still and Video Imagery; Graphics, Website and Social Media Content update; and Community Relations/Service duties.

Advanced Training: Our members have access to the full array of opportunities available in the national headquarters’ advanced training database: Advanced training includes aircraft, legal (JAG), medical, shipboarding, diving and Navy SEAL training opportunities!

International Exchange Program: Members can participate in this invaluable travel opportunity, and our Unit hosts Sea Cadets from Bermuda, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, and other maritime nations around the globe.

Staffing: Cadets can serve as Staff Members and Leaders at Recruit Training, Petty Officer Leadership Academy, and other advanced training evolutions throughout the USA. They can also provide training to other Sea Cadet, Boy Scout and Sea Scout units.

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