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Mooberry Division is an all volunteer organization which works off a limited budget from National Headquarters, for supplies, training, and transportation.  We are always grateful to anyone who is able to donate their time, materials, or financial support to the unit.  In particular, we are looking for the following:

The unit is in the process of obtaining its 501(c)(3).  We hope to complete that process soon.


  • Join the unit as an Officer to help us provide Cadets with the greatest experience possible.

  • Sewing skills to help sew on patches and hem uniforms.

  • Teach Cadet courses related to the military, leadership, life skills, etc.

  • People who can organize weekend tours of military, government, or educational facilities.



  • Old computers to be used for Cadet training.


  • Financial donations will be put to good use providing greater opportunities to our underprivileged Cadets. 

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